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About the project
FK-ramps is landscapes skateboarding and BMX-Freestyle sites for the Olympic games. That’s why the interiors of their office feature youth street culture, which is done not only with a flourish, but also with tact and solemnity. Vivid highlights like the fridge in the canteen and the rack in the conference room, or the heavy lamps that refer to the well-known game consoles stand out against sober natural wood and rough grey textile.
The unique BMX chandelier over the table is the bike that Kostya Andreyev rode in 2017, when he became the freestyle champion.
However, the company employees are fans of snowboarding, too, so the designers asked Lu Cheba from Krasnaya Polyana to draw an art representing the Caucasus Mountain Ridge.

St. Petersburg, Russia

Project implementation year

Applicant and authors of the project
Radical design, architectural bureau

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