Cuckoo's Nest

Best Implemented Project of Private Residence

About the project
Cuckoo’s Nest is built on a corner plot measuring 45’x75’ with roads on the western and northern edge in a gated layout and surrounded by a silver oak tree and some palm trees. The brief was to design a house that is simple, pragmatic and modern for ageing parents of the owners, the owners themselves and their two sons.
The entire narrative of this house is constructed around the idea of playfulness and pragmatism. The name Cuckoo’s Nest, alludes more to the playful imagery of Cuckoo’s clock. The proposed design interprets the typical layering in south Indian temple complex. This layering helps in gradually taking people from the chaotic outdoors to the serene and quiet indoors in a sequential manner. Cuckoo’s Nest is designed to be a sanctuary intended to resonate with the silence and quietude of a temple complex, yet be filled with the sounds of conversation between three generations.

Bangalore, Karnataka, India

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Applicant and authors of the project
Between Spaces.
Architecture and interior design firm founded in 2010. «We operate from our own studio in Bangalore. The practice concerns itself with contextually relevant design, understand the local condition, the traditional method of construction and design a building which celebrates the spirit of the place and time with a contemporary undertone. We love complex spaces. We enjoy working with natural materials but most importantly we like to keep it simple.»

Other participants
Structural Consultant: Kalkura associates
Civil Contractor: Ennkay constructions
Interior Contractor: Kanhayalal Sharma
Photo credits: Shamanth J Patil