Damavand Villa

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About the project
Damavand villa project, a duplex with an area of 140 square meters, is located near Tehran in Damavand city. The building, in the center of the plan site, was considered with a rotation of 45 degrees relative to the site, in order to have the best view of Damavand Mountain. There is a firebox as well as water fountain next to it. The building is made of reinforced concrete, natural stone, iron, and wood. Landscaping has the harmony with the surrounding space and nothing is separated from the environment. The roof of the building was designed to be sloping due to the heavy snow and rain. The pool in the project was installed between the firebox and the building in such a way that it could be used according to the season or it is completely gathered and can be used as a dance stage. There is a volleyball court on the east side and there are a wooden harbour, BBQ and an area to sit on the west side. The location for native trees on the site plan has been also considered.

Damavand, Tehran, Iran

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Applicant and author of the project
Shaghayegh Ghahri Shirin Abadi, founder of Tivan Engineering Company, 8 years of experience in Interior Design and Architectural Design