Design project of LUCID DREAM Museum opening

Best Project of Public Space by a Student

About the project
LUCID DREAM Museum is going to be opened in Sevkabel Port (St. Petersburg). It will showcase the processes that people go through in their sleep and metaphorically explain how our dreams appear, caused by outer and internal factors like light, sounds, and tactile feelings. A lecture hall, a projection venue, and a walking site – during the day, everything is white there, alluding to wakefulness, but at night lamps make the space alive with colors and tints. Essential facilities here are pneumatic air-supported structures, one of them being an organic façade that goes around the main building of the port.

Sevkabel Port, St. Petersburg, Russia

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Applicant and author of the project
Anastasia Markova, 2nd year student, HSE Design School, St. Petersburg