Detroit Waterfront District

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About the project
The Detroit Waterfront District proposal offers a complex of 3 interconnected towers that allow for entertainment, leisure, and exploration. The office towers implement an open floor plan layout in order for future expansion. Through the use of “dancing” balconies, we were able to implement leisure spaces and reflection areas for the users of the office building. Promoting interaction between the community and simultaneously enhancing job performance. Taking full advantage of the waterfront, the hotel is placed adjacent to the existing linear park and TCF center, for ease of access for tourists and city dwellers looking to engulf themselves within the community. Irregular floor plates allow the implementation of “bridges” and elevated garden spaces to promote interaction between visitors and residents alike. In between the waterfront and the park, the residential tower resides parallel to the metro and far from the office tower, allowing more privacy for its residents than the latter.

Detroit, the USA

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Applicant and authors of the project
Studio Nobody.
Ramses Terrero is the Founder and Creative Director of Studio Nobody LLC, a Multi-disciplinary Design Studio. He serves as on Adjunct Professor of Florida International University's School of Architecture teaching Architectural Design and Graphics Skills for Architects.
Architects Ramses Terrero & Andrea Ortiz