DOMEN Multifunctional Residential Complex

Best Project of Residential Estate

About the project
DOMEN is a new multifunctional club-format residential complex in Belgorod with all the occupants sharing common values, interests and work.
The complex was designed as a response to the long-term sustained demand for a separate IT cluster in the city and the lack of high-quality housing within the block.
The two residential towers are united by a lower building, which houses retail premises and an office center with a large conference hall seating a thousand people. This means that the residents of the house do not have to leave the building in order to get to their workplace. They can just come down to their office; then go up to the roof garden to unwind and recharge admiring the beautiful city skyline; then walk to the other tower to socialize with like-minded neighbors and exchange ideas or launch joint projects.

Belgorod, Russia 

Project design year

Applicant and authors of the project
AUTHOR, architectural bureau

Project status
Conceptual design

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