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Dubai Private Residence is designed to introduce the ultimate combination between modern, luxury and tranquility design, a combination that makes the residence a bridge between the land and the sea, a home and a boat. The concept emerged from the simple articulation of pure geometry reflecting the sea nature. The pure massing went through functional deformation by separating the “public” from the “private” sections of the villa by breaking the pure mass through an iconic sculptural circulation feature which adds a cutting-edge modern element to the design. The ground floor is designated for visitors, majlis, dining area, library, guest facilities, all facing the 180-degree views towards Dubai iconic spots and the uninterrupted sea view.
The villa has been designed for a VIP confidential client based in Dubai. From the early sketches stage the project has been designed along with specialised structure and environmental engineers to ensure the highest quality.

Dubai, the UAE

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Tariq Khayyat Design Partners (TDKP) was founded in 2018 as a bespoke design-led practice providing architectural and design solutions to clients and communities. The practice offers dynamic, innovative and practical designs combining research, pioneering solutions and market needs. TKDP’s ethos is based on continuous research and innovative methods to introduce architectural and design solutions that ultimately respond to the ever-evolving market needs and contemporary lifestyle.