Dune - Al Khor Metro Station

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Living in the arid climate of Qatar isn't always easy and require multiple ways of transportation due to the extreme heat. The design accommodates every way of transportation for the Qatari people, from motorized vehicles to pedestrian traffic. This is achieved by creating a big roundabout underneath the building. By using tilted roundabouts inside the building, it creates a seamless experience from entering the building to taking the metro. The circular shape creates a maximum walking radius of 50 m. The way the floors are tilted almost feels like the ground folds on to each other, this way there are no real levels inside the building. Just like the traffic exchanger below, the roof folds out of the earth to create an extension to the open space and creates a shading element for the passengers.

Al Khor, Qatar

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Yentl Dobbels, Master student at KU Leuven Ghent, Faculty of Architecture.

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