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Paralimni is a lake 100 klm away from Athens. It is renowned for its unique ecosystem and the presence of white water lilies. After observation on site, we noticed a series of problems due to the human activities, such as the difficult access to the lake and the worrisome decrease of the population of the Cyprinus species. This threat became the subject of our thesis project, creating a Hatchery Facility on the waterside in order to contribute to the preservation of the existing marine ecosystem. At the same time, the proposal is combining the lab research with programs including site seeing, education and entertainment features, aiming to raise awareness and motivate people to take action against degradation. That way employees and visitors coexist without disturbing each other.The building is divided in 3 Wings with a linear shape that follows the contour lines of the topography. The highlight of the project is the prolonged deck that guides through the forest of white water lilies.

Chalkida, Evia, Greece

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Applicants and authors of the project
Anastasiou Eirini, Iliadou Zoe.
«We have graduated with a master Degree from the University of Thessaly in Greece in 2019. Since then we have been developing our working skills in multiple architectural offices in Greece as well as abroad. Our principle as architects is to create sustainable architecture that is friendly to the environmental and provides all the human needs.»