Edelweiss villa at Côte d'Azur

Best Project of Private Residence

About the project
This reconstruction project for a one family villa included some renovations of its structures, as well as addition of new units and total upgrade of its facades.
When working on the exterior and interior design, the authors thought about the customer’s liking for classical architecture, as well as stylistic identity of the French Riviera. The key reference was the Belle Epoque style, typical for the French resorts.
After it had been built in the mid 20th century the house had been used for seasonal stays, but after reconstruction it had to be for permanent stay. That’s why the architects had to make sure the building appearance matches its all-the-year-round functions.

Cannes, France

Project design year


Applicant and author of the project
Maria Kozlova, head of  her own studio

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