El Gauchal House

Best Implemented Project of Private Residence

About the project
A volume of 111m2 is raised vertically, dislocating the usual horizontal distribution of a house on the beach, allowing the reception of 14 people as well as new spatial relationships: reaching a privileged view on the upper-level terrace, and expanding the spatial perception of the common spaces, despite the reduced width, thanks to the central void that roams the building in its entirety. The rooms, are distributed at both ends of the house, ensuring all spaces are equally close to the centre, avoiding any type of hierarchy between families. On the outside, the massing is sculpted by minimally folding the main façade and the roof following the same aesthetic criteria, echoing the roof’s slopes on the wall facing the road. Certain elements dominate the project through repetition and rotation of them. Both interior and exterior are covered in raw wood of an inert and timeless gray that tends to eliminate the brand-new condition of the house, merging with the environment

Matanzas, Chile

Project implementation year

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Applicant and author of the project
Ivan Bravo.
Graduated as an architect in 2002 and founded his office the same year, Ivan Bravo has been specialized in contemporary architecture, fine arts and object design. Ivan Bravo has been an academic professor in these three disciplines at various universities. As an architect he has developed projects for private clients, public commissions and self-management.

Other participants
Collaborators: Martín Rojas, Gino León
Structure: Pedro Bartolomé
General Contractor: Williams Farías
Text: Martín Rojas
Photographs: Bruno Giliberto