El Recreo 2 Children's Park

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About the project
El recreo 2 neighborhood is part of the urban expansion of the city of Camargo, neighborhoods that due to irregular settlements, no squares or parks were planned for the population, where the residual spaces of the neighborhood tend to suffer a lot, these without leaving green public areas or spaces of the city.
It is proposed to use one of the neighborhood lots to create a playground, this in order to give spaces to the child population, who are mostly in the sector and who do not have a park or plaza to recreate, so implement a park children will help revitalize the area and surrounding neighborhoods.

Municipality of Camargo, Bolivia

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Applicant and author of the project
Architect Veimar Cristian Velarde Mamani from the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés, CEO of VARQ ARCHI Architectural Visualization Company located in La Paz, Bolivia.