Ethereal. Reconstruction of the Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral

Best Architectural Project by a Student

About the project
Ethereal proposes a spatial reconstruction of the aesthetics of the ancient spire, an immaterial tribute to its history, its character and its legacy. Through an interpretive reconstruction of its formal limits and maintaining its ingenious structural system as a support for the intervention itself, carried out in an artisanal way in wire mesh, a millimeter cloud of intangible points is formed that captures the concrete state of a matter that no longer exists, in a time that is no longer hers. A contemporary ruin that values the historical document above its own materiality, relegated to a metaphysical plane that, although invisible, is capable of dialoguing with the past through the tectonics of silence and thought. A hybrid work, a contemporary palimpsest of art, space and time. Three terms united by fatality in a project that arises from the desire to construct absence through history, matter and memory.

6 Parvis Notre-Dame — Pl. Jean-Paul II, 75004 Paris, France

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Applicant and author of the project
Sergio Ortín Molina, Master in Architecture from the Technical School of Architecture of Valencia. Nowadays, student of the Master in Conservation of Architectural Heritage at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. He has worked in different architecture, design and landscaping studios, obtaining different prizes and recognitions in his stage as a student such as honors in the Final Degree Project or the award for the best records of the degree.