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About the project
Expressed in a timeline about the evolution and growth of architecture within Mérida city, which, in the first instance, grew according to a damero grid. Subsequently, the arrival of the car was a demographic growth. Due to the increase in the population, the city begins to expand by breaking that grid, contrast that defines the city and which in turn configures the project. Consequently, the building call «modern building», represents the orthogonal rupture of urban distribution; while the «historic-traditional building» brings together the essential characteristics of the most representative architecture works within the historic center of the city

Mérida, Venezuela

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Applicant and authors of the project
Rubén José Bracho Montañez.
23 years old, student at the School of Architecture and Design at the Universidad de Los Andes in Venezuela. «Apart from my academic performance, for 5 years I have been working as a freelancer, where I have had the opportunity to design small buildings such as cafes, and apartments, and also big buildings such as clinical centers and shopping centers. My life is full of art and composition, and I try every day to work to be better at what I like to do.»
Project by Luis Miguel Amesty Ramírez and Rubén José Bracho Montañez.