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The 52nd Street corridor in West Philadelphia is known for its vibrant history. The street displays a wide range of culture through art and architecture. The corridor is also famously known for its yearly Juneteenth parade (oldest event for ending slavery in the US). Evocation aims to create a contemporary and diverse space that can be used by the residents of the area to share and connect. The proposed market/travel hub aims to create a smooth transition between existing traditional conditions and contemporary changes through deconstruction and collaging of different urban elements within the 52nd Street corridor. This is achieved by relocating the elevated subway and replacing it with a market. It would also include a travel hub, a community kitchen, and a local exchange program. The exchange program would be a place for them to share and exchange belongings, acting as a method to preserve within the community. Evocation hence aims to encapsulate, share, and create new memories.

52nd Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the USA

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The project is chosen to be published in the year University of Pennsylvania magazine (Pressing Matters) and was also published on multiple student Instagram pages, including thearchitecturestudentblog, archisource, archzig, and many more.

Applicant and author of the project
Harsana Siva, aspiring architect from Bangalore, India, who loves the intervention of parametric architecture with traditional architecture. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Architecture with a minor in Environmental Design from University at Buffalo and is currently pursuing Masters of Architecture at the University of Pennsylvania. She has previously won multiple national competitions and scholarships with the United States.

Another participants
Professor: Brian De Luna
Teaching Assistant: Paul Germaine McCoy