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Exordium Laniakea is a public space of a spaceport of the future and a kinetic pier for launching and receiving spacecraft which has a magnetic accelerator without a rocket launch. Technically, Laniakea is a quantum supercomputer with artificial intelligence that explores space and creates a virtual copy of outer space for subsequent modernization and human colonization of space. Due to the severe conditions of space humans need an Avatar to conduct space explorations on global scales. An avatar is created by digitizing a human's personality and introducing data into a robot equipped with instruments for space exploration and protection from harmful influences. Space exploration and resettlement preparations for people to other planets will be carried out by Avatars controlled by the supercomputer with artificial intelligence. Exordium includes terminals, laboratory and scanning segment, where the process of digitization and the data transfer into the Avatar core takes place.


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Applicant and author of the project
Svetlana Starygina.
Graduated with honors from the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts in 2020. Svetlana holds an Master of Architecture and a Bachelor of Architecture, successfully completed her Master of Architecture degree during an exchange at the University of Hong Kong.
Svetlana has been awarded the prestigious Carl Appel Prize (2016-17) for work in the field of architecture.
In Russia Svetlana graduated with honors from the Moscow College of Architecture and Management in Construction.