Fashion Design Institute near Lake Como

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A fabric has the tendency to wrap itself around any form of a shape or a body. Taking this principle characteristic of the fabric as the key inspiration, the idea is to design a fashion institute in one of the fashion capitals of the World- Lombardy. With the influence of the historic essence and the amalgamation of the modern and contemporary fashion styles, the idea is to design the institute with the fusion of organic architecture and fluid architecture. The Fashion institute holds a very important position with respect to its architecture as it is situated on the bank of Lake Como, which is the conflation of the people and tourists, models and stars, to aristocrats and explorers from around the globe, making it a perfect blend between the cultures and fashions across continents.

Como, Italy

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Meet Thakkar.
Graduate Architect from Parul Institute of Architecture & Research, Faculty of Architecture & Planning, Parul University, Vadodara, Gujarat, India.