#FAV | Art Prison Museum

Best Architectural Design for a Museum

About the project
Island of Favignana has everything necessary to become one of the main cultural and memorable points in the huge Mediterranean. Its castle and its history grand the visitor the inescapable atmosphere of the site where mystery and legends take place. However, this citadel which raised in other ages to guard and protect its coast from assailants, it’s mainly unknown now, and its slim contour seems to vanish in the petrous line of the mountain. The intervention desires to bring back to the site its ancient importance and enhance this privileged place turning it into a remarkable landmark, not just in the minds, but also in the views of the artists and visitors who approaches to Favignana from the distance. An intervention thought to show the world the outstanding works that Museum has in their top, and let everybody enjoy of them, in a citadel distinguished for its privileged presence of a constant landscape, a new dot in the map, the lighthouse of the Aegadian Islands.

Favignana, Italy

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Applicant and authors of the project
Ortín + Molina arquitectes studio is formed by a team of young architects and designers led by Sergio Ortín Molina and Miguel Ángel Ortín Molina, both of them with outstanding training and extensive experience in developing projects within the world of architecture and design, having obtained various awards and recognitions during our academic and professional career. Nowadays, they are both studying postgraduate courses for completing their formation.