Fein 1 Central

Best Implemented Project of Residential Estate

About the project
Located in southern Tel Aviv, Fein 1 Central introduces much needed housing and street-front commercial spaces.
The 6,400 m² 6 storey building has an inner courtyard, a focal area of the complex that allows for large communal open balconies. It has a strong community character as it was initiated and built as a co-op residential project and maintains a strong community spirit with generous shared spaces, like the red courtyard area and large curvaceous balconies acting as pathways and leisure spaces for residents. The courtyard promotes sustainable living and low energy consumption, offering shading in the summer and sunlight in the winter.
It contains 49 two-bedroom and 3 three-bedroom apartments and 1 four-bedroom apartment, and 9 retail units.
The façade is minimal in an off white color- typical of local Tel Aviv architecture. Color contrast emphasizes public and private spaces; a strong red color in the courtyard offers a more private and airy shelter from the hot and busy street.

Fein St 1, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

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Applicant and authors of the project
HQ Architects.
Founded in Tel Aviv in 2008 by Erez Ella, and is currently comprised by a creative and dedicated team of 35 people based in Tel Aviv. Focusing on a strong pragmatic and programmatic approach, HQ Architects strives to question conventions and create innovative buildings, spaces and urban environments.