Floating Garden House at Nadiad

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Floating Garden House is designed after the considerations of pandemic. The house belongs to a joint family of 3-generation, so privacy within the members is very important. Also keeping in mind to design a stress-free, open, light-ventilated house, every floor has its own lounge area, huge terrace garden, large openings, and master bedroom with attached balcony. Nature-connected spaces always bring positivity and liveliness to the people living inside. Also, as learned from the pandemic situation, an office is designed on the lower-ground floor considering the current aspects. The floating gardens in the front are highlighted with the exterior material finish and c-channel. The terrace gardens, adorned with plants and comfy furniture, are the perfect space to unwind and mingle with friends and family over weekends. The spatial organization of the house is derived from the level of privacy required as per the function of the space.

Nadiad, Gujarat, India

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Prashant Parmar, one of the leading Architects of India, founded architecture practice, Shayona Consultant, in 2000 at Ahmedabad. Started as a small enterprise in India, in two decades it has proliferated so vastly that it has now established remarkable design imprints in different countries across the globe. In these 21 years, Shayona Consultant has executed more than 1000+ architecture and interior design projects nationally and internationally.