Floating Walls

Best Implemented Project of Private Residence

About the project
Nestled in the back drop of the Silicon Valley, this residence promises an escape from the city life. The major concern was finding an intimate space in the crowd and arriving at a visually engaging structure amidst the chaotic background.
An introverted open plan layout has been adopted to create a seamless flow of spaces and to ensure connectivity across the floors. Designed around two landscaped courtyards, the building programme is spread across three floors consisting of a parking area, formal and informal living, an open kitchen and dining, five bedrooms, a study and a semi-open terrace with a kitchenette. Both the courtyards have been strategically designed with skylights to bring in maximum light.
A series of staggered slits have been deliberately positioned at unconventional heights to allow light and maximum views of the outside without compromising on privacy, thereby fostering an illusion of floating walls.

Bangalore, India

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Applicant and authors of the project
Crest Architects.
Multi-disciplinary architecture and interior design firm based in Bangalore was founded in 2014 by Ar. Vishwas Venkat and Ar. Vikas M V.
A pragmatic and holistic design practice specializing in various kinds of projects that provides a scope for a wide range of experimentation and exploration in architecture. The firm has ventured into redefining residential design of single and multi-dwelling houses, institutional, commercial and hospitality projects.

Other participants
Photographer — Shamanth Patil J
Structural Contractor — Shivalinge Gowda K