Best Implemented Interior Design Project for Public Space

About the project
In Fónico, architecture is suspended in space and serves as a neutral stage for the color and life of the guests and cuisine. Located in the vibrant neighborhood of Colonia Roma in Mexico City, the design transformed a 19th Century mansion into a series of distinct spaces: the intimate entry salon with barrel-vaulted ceiling and vintage bar; the main dining room with its contrasting elements and spectacular views to the atrium and the kitchen; the arctic room – an unexpected sculptural space; the Petite Salón — reminiscent of the 19th Century in its character and the atrium — a semi-exterior space with extraordinary proportions that exhibits the original architectural elements of the house. The assembly between space, furniture, and light are in high contrast. This is analogous to the culinary beauty that emanates from the silence of the dishes. The guest is away from the busy metropolis beyond the façade of the mansion ready to begin its culinary journey suspended in space and time.

Salamanca 85, Col. Roma, Mexico City, Mexico 

Project implementation year

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Applicant and author of the project
Born in Mexico City in 1970, Francisco González Pulido graduated from Monterrey Tec in 1991 and Harvard Graduate School of Design in 1998. In 2000, González Pulido joined JAHN, was made partner in 2008, and named president of the company in 2012. He founded FGP Atelier in 2017. His designs encompass a wide range of buildings, from pavilions and boutique spaces to stadiums and airports, from speculative explorations to science facilities and skyscrapers across four continents.

Other participants
Architect of Record: Arq. Montserrat Vildosola
Photographer: Israel Palacios