Fourteenth Villa

Best Project of Private Residence

About the project
The site of this project is located in one of the northern cities of Iran, near by the Caspian Sea. Due to the spectacular sea view on the north side of the site, and the park view on the south and east sides, our main concept was designing a villa with maximum connection to the nature. Placing wide openings on the east and south sides of the villa lets the users to enjoy from the green landscape and natural lights. But, on the other sides, we were limited to use this type of windows; Because due to the client's cultural beliefs we had to preserve the privacy of the villa against the neighbors (on the north) and the people in the street (on the west). So, our solution for this challenge was creating a gap through the building. This functional gap provides light and ventilation for interior spaces of the villa, frames an indirect sea view in upper floor, and also connects the sea view to the park view and by this way it creates a visual connection between two sides of the villa.

Mazandaran, Iran

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Applicant and authors of the project
Event Architecture Studio was established in 2016 under management of Meysam Hatami. As the main architect of the group, he pays special attention to the cultural and climatic context of the projects. So, by examining the potential of each project, we try to find an architectural solution to handle the challenges. During the design process, confrontation between our ideas and project constraints, leads to create some innovative spaces which can be the best answer to the challenges.
Project by Meysam Hatami Davoudi, Mehdi Hatami Davoudi, Sodeif Asnafi, Amirhossein Alaeiyan — Sara Azizi

Status of the project Working drawings