future pROOF

Best Project of Public Building or Facility

About the project
Since the beginning of civilization the roof as architectural element kept investing an iconic value in the collective imagination: indeed, the word “roof” stands for safety, security, stability.
Insisting on the equivalence roof=protection, everything here happens in relation to it. The roof expands beyond the limits of the indoor space, emphasizing the presence of a panoramic balcony that runs all around. In this way, it provides a strong sense of unity to the whole architecture by imposing itself as the predominant element, giving the building the potential to become a new landmark.
Aesthetic principles aside, its design is not arbitrary but it is the rational result of logistic needs: in order to have an unobstructed space, it is made of main beams reinforced by a secondary beams system. This brings to a regular triangular pattern: in this way the whole roof becomes modular, and therefore fast and convenient to build, but also customizable.

Amieira, Portugal

Project design year

Giusy Mazzarella: «Born and raised in Sicily, I am based in Amsterdam since 2018.
I had the chance to collaborate with three architectural firms so far. Each experience was deeply different from the other, but equally fruitful. Working in different fields (from urbanism, to architecture, to interior) I have been broadening my horizons and increasing my expertise.»