Gangway Court

Best Project of Public Building or Facility

About the project
The design creates a bridge between people and policy. And the ideas of each part undulate with each other to form a symphony like no other.
The Gangway synchronises with the existing structural layout and helps us in getting a double y-shaped passage representing balance in the society. And roof section depicting harmony while creating policies. The entrance foyer area leads towards the office with two exits on either side utilising the existing courtyard as a public space for discussions and conversations. The landscape of these courtyards is integrated with our terracotta “nature samai “that are installed for vitalising the space with fresh air and to increase the oxygen level of the space. Installation of oxygen-increasing plants.

Near Sanjay Van, New Delhi, India

Project design year

Applicant and authors of the project
Studio Akauru design forefronts the traditional Indian ethos into a modern language of expression. A unique area of architecture where creating spaces for the public in the most efficient and beautiful ways is our goal with sustainability as the backbone. We have expertise in designing structures related to Hospitality, Museums, Residential, Public buildings, and many more. Diversified by region, connected by architecture. We also pride ourselves in providing sustainable and eco-friendly architecture.
Dushyant Joshi, Rakshita Gautam, Sushant Bharti, Umesh Bajpai.

Status of the project
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