Garden City Apartment

Best Implemented Interior Design Project Using Works of Art

About the project
This listed building has existed for over one hundred years, having an antique energy that is very rare in today’s modern living. A unique character of space that adapted French style architecture that speaks of Cairo’s phenomenal history. The refurnishing of this space bridges the gap between the old classical spirit and the modern minimal style by introducing unique pieces of art. Bridging this gap, maintains the unique character of the apartment while giving it a fresh breath of life.

Garden City, Cairo, Egypt

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Applicant and authors of the project
Miro Architects.
Mohamed Hazem, or Miro, is the world’s youngest architect to win the 2020 International Property Award for African/Arabian Region for Architecture Single Residence. Miro’s impressive portfolio for Miro Architects is not the only reason why many design enthusiasts turn to his work for inspiration. Graduating from the University of East London, Miro’s commitment and energy to every project on his journey intrigues everyone around him.

Other participants
This project includes a few distinctive pieces of art. One sculpture that is featured in the reception of the apartment: Balance of Love by Lorenzo Quinn. Then there are a few prints by illustrators Fox & Velvet placed on the walls, tying the space together. In the master bedroom of the apartment is a piece by artist Caroline Walls.