Gërmia Concert Hall Prishtina

Best Project of Public Building or Facility

About the project
Concert Hall Gërmia is a precious opportunity for Prishtina to bring back in life a noted building of the past, with a fresh contemporary impulse, that should look clearly to the future. It is precisely this key conceptual principle of architectural intervention. The yesterday of a building designed in the '70s is left as a trace for generations bringing back the identical geometries of the most important part of the original facade into the new design. The new building extensions with a completely new and important function also looks toward the future interpreting the integration of the original facade with transparent glass modules inspired by the geometry of the aluminum pattern in respect of the original design. The transition between two epochs comes as a fusion interpretation in the proposal.
Above all, the intervention is urban, connecting in the shortest way the South with the North city center zone, transiting Skanderbeg Square and activating all existing atrophied spaces.

St. Fehmi Agani, Skanderbeg Square, Prishtina, Kosovo

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Applicant and authors of the project
Ervin Taçi.
Urban designer & Architect.
Awarded winner for the project “Durana Tirana — Durresi Economic Corridor”, second 3 times, third once.

2 awards BIG See Architecture Award 2019 for “Tirana Olimpic Park” project in the category Public and Commercial Architecture & ICONIC Awards 2019 for Innovative Architecture.
Project Leader Ervin Taçi, in collaboration with MA Studio & Partners, Vizion Project.

Other participants
Contractor: Municipality of Prishtina