Golf Central

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About the project
Golf Central is a complex for office spaces located in the middle of a high dense residential area with a ground floor of F&B and retail outlets overlooking the plaza. The design of the plaza was made to compliment the outlets and create a destination to remember. Plaza design was designed with lots of greenery, water features, passageways with semi structured canopy systems to provide a nice scenery and allow for a breeze to go through the plaza. Egypt is a country of lots of sun and beautiful weather all year round and that’s why our canopies were made in a way to get bits or everything.

Cairo, Egypt 

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Applicant and authors of the project
Kh Studio.
Leading design house focused on making spaces where people live, eat, and work. At the core of the firm’s design philosophy are two complementary aims: designing spaces that are functionally superior and aesthetically unparalleled. These two aims inform the direction of the entire firm, built upon the strengths of its two founders, architectural engineer Ahmed Khalifa and interior designer Shereen Helmy.