GOLFFN Residence

Best Implemented Project of Private Residence 

About the project
Privileging the view looking out to the golf field and the incidence of sunlight, the mass combination of GOLFFN House started with a transversal cut. The cut creates a sharp intersection between the upper masses; to confront and frame the lush scenery of the golf field across the house and Mount Salak far away.
The site in Bogor is chosen by the owner to reminisce about the cherished memories of his childhood home in Saudi Arabia. The golf field turns into the inclusion of familiar scenery of dunes desert landscape: they have a similar gradual slope although come in different hues. The ideal place to plan and build a space for an easement.

Bogor, West Java, Indonesia

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Applicant and authors of the project
GeTs Architects is an architecture studio based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Founded by Gerard Tambunan who known as an architect that has great concern for soul of space in his works. Our projects ranging from residential, office, villa, commercial building and education building. We always try to undertake innovation designs which adjust the situation and the limitedness we found.
Project by Gerard Tambunan.

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Photographer: Fernando Mulya


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