Grangetown Product Hub

Best Project of Public Space by Student

About the project
This project proposes a courtyard unit to be built on the former gasworks site in Grangetown, Cardiff, with a focus on circular economies and sustainable product cycles. The courtyard unit provides large, quality family housing, spacious apartments for young people, a community Product Hub, a rooftop greenhouse and a vibrant community courtyard. Key findings showed that Grangetown suffers from severe housing and built environment deprivation and visible waste build up. This encouraged me to design a circular product cycle in which the Product Hub would operate to tackle the waste issue in Grangetown. The courtyard acts as a mechanism to reunite the community and encourage shared experience and awareness of the current unsustainable model of linear waste management systems. The courtyard is clad is a common language of red brick, with wide paths and landscaped garden, the whole area designed to create a safe, engaging semi-private realm.

Grangetown Former Gasworks Site, Wales, the UK

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Applicant and author of the project
Jemma Kightley.
«I have just completed my BSc in Architecture at Cardiff University, my final project exploring circular economies, in particular the product cycle and issue of waste in local communities. I am currently applying for jobs to complete my year in industry.»