Guy Cudell Square

Best Implemented Landscape Architecture Project

About the project
The redefinition of the role of traffic at this former crossroad in Brussels enabled to transform a residual road space into a fully-fledged pedestrian urban square: the Guy Cudell square.
This urban project challenges the hierarchy between the space dedicated to the car and the pedestrian space on the public space. The textures of the pavements are homogenized throughout the square, the roads are raised to the level of the sidewalks and terraces are enlarged, reducing the proportion of space dedicated to car use. Drivers drive on «pedestrian ground» by adjusting their driving and speed accordingly. The square itself acts as the focal point for leisure activities, welcoming dense vegetation and a semicircular benches around a topographic play and fountain as an informal playground for children.

Place Guy Cudell, 1210 Brussels, Belgium

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Applicant and authors of the project
DEV-space Architectes.
Architecture studio based in Brussels. DEV-space practices the production of space on all scales, aiming at a collaborative approach on any project where matters of space have a role to play. DEV-space wishes to engage in all things spatial, from private to public commission, from furniture design to territorial visions. Practice is seen as both inducer and result of a wider reflexive approach on space and urbanity, led by the members of DEV-space in various academic settings.
Project by DEV-space (complete mission), L'atelier (design process), BLOC paysage (Landscape)