Gynecological-Obstetrician Hospital

Best Project of Building or Facility by Student

About the project
The project consists of the design of the first Gynecological-Obstetric Hospital of the Universidad de los Andes in the State of Mérida, Venezuela. This architectural project has been proposed to offer all possible possibilities in the use of spaces and their functionality, in which people can heal in a comfortable and peaceful environment, in direct connection with nature.
The building has a variety of medical services, aimed at the area of ​​gynecology and obstetrics, based on an integrated health system with the capacity to support quality clinical research, healthcare innovation and the development of pharmaceutical products, diagnostic devices and other clinical innovations.
On the other hand, a compact and efficient solution is proposed. A building consisting of a podium for emergencies and other services, and two tall, narrow towers for hospitalization units and biomedical research.

Mérida State, Libertador Municipality, Campo de Oro Sector, Venezuela

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Applicant and authors of the project
Jaivy Yannina Guerrero Rosales (ArquiTravelDesign), Universidad de los Andes Mérida-Venezuela.
«I have been working independently for 3 years both in my country and in projects abroad, I work as an interior designer, landscaping, 3d models, renders, virtual tours, illustration and digitization of plans, architectural design and urban planning.»