Havana Cultural Center

Best Project of Public Building or Facility

About the project
This work was born from the need to create a multipurpose complex dedicated to the formation and development of Cuban art and music, which would be located in a central plot of the Vedado neighborhood in Havana city. The  project of the Havana Cultural Center is based on achieving an image that responds to the latest trends in the world of architecture, an inspired design in the music ,the art, and that in each of its environments breathes the air of creation.
Therefore, the concept of architectural design revolves around enhancing these foundations, proposing a modern,avant-garde image, with a contemporary spirit that harmonizes with the existing architecture and in turn becomes a point of attraction in the urban environment.
It is proposed in the  construction to seek the greatest possible structural lightness, with the use of lightened construction systems, the use of light paneling is envisaged and materials such as glass and steel are proposed that give the proposal currency.

Havana City, Cuba

Project design year

Applicant and author of the project
Carlos Alberto Suárez Yon.
Cuban Architect with experience in projects of Architecture, Interior Design, 3D visualization and Graphic Design. Passionate about creation.