Helgeland Museum

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About the project
The building is part of a decentralized museum structure, aiming to connect the scattered coastal history of the region with the vast, natural landscapes of the region.
The design of the project is inspired by the local building typology known as “Notheng”: Simplistic, yet landmark-like wooden structures, where locals would hang their fining nets to dry. These vernacular buildings were also utilized for gatherings, almost resembling small cathedrals.
Similar to this the Museum is organized with an open ground floor, exposing activities within, and at the same time connecting the visitors with the vast landscape of the island. Contrasting this open structure, a closed sculptural roof contains the main exhibition of historical artifacts and objects.
The shape of the roof is inspired by the distinct shapes of local boats and the slight curves of the mountain formations of the region.
The building is commissioned by Helgeland Museum scheduled for construction in 2022.

Træna, Norway

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Applicant and authors of the project
Architectural studio based in Oslo / Norway, working with a diverse selection of projects and clients, from private houses to public buildings. The credo of Vardehaugen is that every client is different; every place is in some way peculiar and unique. Their ambition is to embrace this in their projects and express this through a unique and architecture.
Vardehaugen was established in 2015 by Håkon Matre Aasarød, – former and co-founder of Fantastic Norway Architects.
Architects Håkon Matre Aasarød, Magnus Kvalheim, Einar Elton, Beate Bjørnerud & Eirin Haugen.

Other participants
The project is commissioned by Helgeland Museum and Træna Municipality. The project is currently under development of construction drawings, after finishing the schematic design phase June 2021.