Hirvate Estate

Best Implemented Apartment / Private House Interior Design Project

About the project
Kitchen design for English colonial coffee estate bungalow, off Alur road, Karnataka. An abruptly large kitchen space, which had to be designed co-relating the architecture and theme of the bungalow. A very classical and yet rich approach in design, involving use of bright and glossy modern colors, out-throwing the traditional wooden Victorian kitchens. With standard provisions for extensive cooking appliances and detailed kitchen shutter designs, appropriately sufficient kitchen storage spaces, integrating modern kitchen appliances into the design and organizing kitchen exhaust systems. Each and every detail has been taken care of in the complete design and execution process. The classical hand-made wooden serving table adds to the language and keeps the traditional English design approach relevant to the kitchen. The kitchen flooring with a dual mosaic flooring pattern sticks a calm effect to the eye.

Hirvate Estate, Off, Alur Rd, Holalu, Karnataka, India

Project implementation year

Applicant and authors of the project
Priyanka Gupta and Gourav Kuruganti.
Priyanka Gupta is a design enthusiast, art lover and a wanderlust. Graduate Alumni of School of Interior Design, Jain University, Bangalore. Having had the privilege of studying in Florence Design Academy, Florence Italy, the design capital of the world. «I’ve had the latitude of working on real and substantial projects during my tenure in Italy, a Senior Space Designer at Matita Designs, Florence where I had the opportunity to work on retail and branding projects.»