Hospital da Luz Lisboa Extension

Best Implemented Project of Public Building or Facility

About the project
The expansion of Hospital da Luz does not involve constructing a new building within the Hospital’s complex, but rather a physical expansion of the existing structure. The nature of the program implies a complete integration, since the intention is not to create new services, but to expand, restructure and innovate those that are already offered.
The project’s approach maintains the spatial structure of the existing building by extending the two main corridors, for the public and services, which enables new accesses to be connected to the existing system, bringing greater flexibility to the internal organization of operational areas, and maintaining the design focus on client and staff comfort.
One of the innovative features of Hospital da Luz, was the design of the interior spaces. We proposed warm materials, areas to wander, indoor gardens and natural light. Our goal was to change the paradigm, focusing on a more humane atmosphere that looked more like a hotel than a hospital.

Av. Lusíada 100, 1500-650 Lisbon, Portugal

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Applicant and authors of the project
Architecture and urban design firm based in Lisbon and managed by Tomás Salgado, Nuno Lourenço, Carlos Cruz and Jorge Estriga.
Since 1984, we have carried out more than two hundred projects, many of which are built and in use, such as the Belém Cultural Centre, the Public Spaces for EXPO’98 and Luz Hospital, in Lisbon; the Antas Urban Project and Dragão Stadium, in Porto; the new Cruise Ship Terminal in Ponta Delgada, Azores; the Sky Buildings, in Luanda; and the Football City, in Oeiras.

Other participants
Landscape Architecture – NPK
Structural Engineering – Dimstrut
Electrical Engineering – STA ins
Hydraulics – Sopsec
Acoustics Consultant – Acústica e Ambiente
Fire Protection – Action Modulers
Gas – Sopsec
Medical Gases – Sopsec
Building Physics and Energy Eficiency – Dimensionar
Preliminary Works and Earth Movements – Dimstrut