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Best Implemented Restoration / Reconstruction Project

About the project
Maintaining the existing house and renovating has allowed a generous dialogue between two constructions with similar but not coincident shapes. On one hand, an old summer house defined by a structure of load-bearing brick walls without insulation has been rehabilitated and, on its side, a new extension, defined by having a permeable structure, has been settled. A new addition formed by a single unique column. This pillar that starts from the basement floor, supports with its branches the weight of the house located on the first floor. On the ground floor, the single concrete pillar helps to organize space and circulation, while freeing the façade from loads and allowing the construction of a totally transparent enclosure. The unique structure of the extension permits the ground floor to be easily integrated with the garden, while the first-floor with the wood pitch roof volume dialogues and completes the urban rhythm of the neighboring houses.

Barcelona, Spain

Project implementation year

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Applicant and authors of the project
BAILORULL add: «We understand architecture as a constellation system which is shaped by the distinct relationships between chunks of information.
Every piece of data establishes its own intensity and brightness within each project, creating a particular and unique constellation. Social, historical, environmental and health issues, are all organized across the human scale — movement, texture and body — defining each specific project.»

Other participants
Project director BAILORULL Architect Josep Puigdemont
Project collaborators BAILORULL Architect Julià Garcia Ferrando; Carlos Rocha; Martin Sunjic
Structure S4 Arquitectes Consultors Marc Bàrbara; Guillermo Barenys; Santi Tarrasón
Engineering Victor Barnés
Civil Engineering MARCOVE José Antonio Quesada; Joel Vives
Photos José Hevia


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