HOUSE K Facades

Best Implemented Façade or Interior Project Using Ceramics

About the project
Architectural design processes are currently strongly influenced and characterized by the use of 3D modeling and computer-aided manufacturing tools, which has facilitated the exploration of a new series of formal, functional and structural configurations whose impact within current architecture it is invaluable, as it transforms it into an interactive, non-linear and complex process. Through the use of certain parametric design techniques, today it is possible to explore the creation of geometries from a family of basic parameters and to understand the programming of the formal relationships between them.
House K explores the possibilities of configuring a brick created specifically for this house. Brick is one of the oldest construction products and is still more widely used today. The construction system that was used, avoided displacing the local workforce.
“Even a common, ordinary brick ... wants to be something more than it is ". Louis Kahn

Challuabamba, Cuenca, Ecuador

Project implementation year

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Applicant and authors of the project
Creative Union Network
Creative Union Network was created as a multidisciplinary architecture office, wich aimed to connect a multitude of professionals from a variety of disciplines to intelligently services the distinct needs of each individual project. The interconnected nature of the office´s structure was the impetus of our identification as Creative Union Network.
Architect Daniel Idrovo Vintimilla.
Deasign Team: Daniel Idrovo Vintimilla, David Bustillos, Karla Mogrovejo y María Inés Ochoa

Other participants
Structural Engineering: Ing. Alberto Vásquez.
Electrical and Electronic Engineering: Eng. Fabián Aucapiña.
Hydrosanitary Engineering: Ing. Johanna Urigüen
Visualizations: Daniel Villa
Landscaping: Creative Union Network
Contractors: INMETAL.C — Construcciones Metálicas, NEOALUVID, HIDRO servicios, NN Carpinteros, Gabriela Sotillet, IMPTEK — Chova.