Huailai Wine Cultural Center

Best Project of Public Building or Facility

About the project
The project of the cultural center is characterized by five elements, whose represent the grapes and they are bound together through a fluid element, which represents another fundamental element in this project, the wine. These symbolism wants to highlight the indissoluble relationship between nature and human being.
The cultural center is imagined as a dynamic and a permeable place where visitors can go out and enter the buildings, walking in the outdoors paths and spaces, enjoying the beautiful landscape around the complex.
In order to enjoy the view also from the inside, we designed the buildings to have an open view to the outside and to bring the light and the nature inside them.
In this way, the aim to integrate the Cultural Center in the territory has been reached, maintaining a strong personal and identity, fundamental features for a territorial landmark.
Vegetation and water are brought inside the building, through bioclimatic greenhouses, green spaces and water surfaces.

Huailai, China

Project design year

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Applicant and authors of the project
Claudia Pescosolido Architecture is a dynamic office based in Bologna (Italy), founded by Claudia Pescosolido, architect and urbanist, where the research is the most important element to achieve an integrated design process. The final result is for us the intersection of aesthetics, sustainability, technics and maieutics. We focus on architecture, urban design and built environment regeneration. We use the most advanced technologies and the most suitable consultants are involved in order to achieve the best results.



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