Best Project of Private Residence

About the project
Hunaia is a house that flows completely with its’ site, designed from the outside to the inside, thought as an intimate experience with the coast side, the built and unbuilt space play an important role in the tropical dwelling.
The house will let you experience the site in the most powerful way. A complete rediscover of what a tropical villa is… we call it Salvadorian Tropicalia. We bring the beach to the Vila using the sand as the connector between programmatic elements, letting the sand guide you back to the beach…The house will disappear when you enter the palm gardens, creating an immersive experience as if no house existed and you were completely in the middle of nature with only the sound of the sea, the breeze combing the palm trees and all the shadows showering you on a sunny day.
Hunaia is the new way of living the beach experience, reconnecting the user to nature and really allowing a complete disconnection and cleansing from the outside, busy world.

Costa del Sol, El Salvador

Project design year

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Applicant and authors of the project
Molina Architecture Studio, emerging architecture studio based in El Salvador. We follow an architectural system that frame the landscape and dissect space in a way that allow us to explore and analyze architectural problems in a fresh creative way.

Status of the project
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