Hutti Gold Mines Museum Park

Best Landscape Architecture Project

About the project
About 480 kms north of Bangalore, this project is set to be located in one of the hottest regions of India, the Hutti Gold Mines Township, the only active gold mine of India that dates back too 3000 years. Via a Museum Park it proposes to invite public to an interactive Landscape space, a project meant to also serve as a trigger for tourism in the whole region highlighting its may other historical sites. The overall park is arranged like a sculptural piece of jewellery. Poetic in its making the park unfolds its movements through outdoor and as well as indoor displays about Geology ,History of region, Gold Mining and its legacy . The key features are elliptic subterranean museum and the vertical tower that was once used as a mile deep access lift to the mines. The space would now house audio visual and innovative displays narrating the story of mining ,an ode to the lives of miners , who have spent all their lives in darkness to bring us the precious glory of gold metal.

Hutti Gold Mines Township, Hutti, Raichur, Karnataka, India

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Applicant and authors of the project
Meeta Jain Architects.
«We are a multidisciplinary design studio established in 2002. Our range of expertise extends from architecture, interiors, temporary spaces, landscape to site planning for projects of a larger scale. Our philosophy is creating built environments that may be inanimate but have a special living quality to them. A staircase that is also a viewing galley, a railing that is also a seat, holiday homes with shifting perspectives of the distant valley are the many vibrant elements present in our work.»
Masterplan and Landscape: Vagish Naganur, Meeta Jain.
Architectural Design team: Meeta Jain, Vagish Nagnur, Neha Surana, Meet Bayani, Vasanth.

Other participants
Client: Hutti Gold Mines Company Limited, Hutti Raichur
Project initiator, public outreach: Anupama Gowda
Museum content curator: Suresh Jayaram 
Multimedia expert: Sarvanan
Mobile museum van designer: Naveen Mahantesh
Initiated by Navachintana Foundation