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Iliana is a project that seeks to promote a healthy and flourishing familiar dynamic. The common area was designed in such way that it creates a fluid spatial flow, generating a harmonical dialogue between all the chambers of the ground floor. Talking in terms of chromatics, the color palette implemented was decided to be escalated in chestnut tones to provoke a sensation of closeness and coziness. Likewise, MEM Arquitectos characteristic style can be appreciated in the modesty of the facade and the usage of natural materials.

Morelia, Mexico

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Applicant and authors of the project
MEM Arquitectos
Mexican based firm, whose motto is based on the quote of the famous architect Mies Van der Rohe , “Less is more” (for its acronym in Spanish “menos es más”). The nature of MEM Arquitectos designs goes under the prompt of maximizing the usage of space, clean facades and chromatics that inspire you become one with the building, thanks to the notable devotion to the nature of materials.