Impress dental studio

Best Implemented Interior Design Project for Public Space

About the project
The concept of Impress is aimed at young audience, thus, Impress looked for a fresh design, moving away from the topics of a dental clinic.
The design enhances the geometric characteristics of the premises, which, although reduced in depth, offered generous height. Thus, the proposal reinterprets the Impress logo, a smile-like curve, to generate a set of interconnected partitions to form a large furniture assembly that meets functional needs: two studies, (at ground floor and mezzanine), and a toilet. This set moves two meters away from the façade to establish a reception area in close contact with the street, allowing the interior to be enjoyed from outside; and likewise, it moves away from one of the boundary walls to allow access to staircase to mezzanine and basement. The geometry of these partitions is based on circumference curves that go up to take the height of the upper floor, increasing the sense of depth and space by creating different ‘curtains’ in space.

Roger de Lluria 119, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

Project implementation year

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Additional information
Jury Prize Frame Awards 2020 — Healthcare category
People's prize Frame Awards 2020 — Healthcare category
Longlisted — Dezeen Awards 2020 — Healthcare category

Applicant and authors of the project
Raul Sanchez Architects.
Award winning architecture and design practice based in Barcelona. Raúl Sánchez is a graduated architect from the architecture school in Granada, Spain. Since 2005, he resides and works in Barcelona developing a professional activity which escapes specialization in order to cover all types of work and projects related to architecture, interiorism, urbanism, and design. Regardless of the type, scale, location or budget, every new work is a new challenge.

Other participants
Collaborators, architecture: Valentina Barberio, Albert Montilla, Carlos Montes
Engineering: Marés Ingenieros
Structure: Diagonal Estructuras
Photo: José Hevia