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About the project
Architecture graduation project for the Faculty of Fine Art - project for Apple company.
The concept comeS from the drone & robotics design, also the must lines come from notch that showed in the IPhone 13 display. 
We have a big plot 160 by 140 meters. It contains the main building for the Apple company with 3 floors. The ground floor is Apple products showroom, the 1st is Apple Store with hologram technology, and the last floor is for management & employers.
As for the other buildings, there are the parking for company's employers cars, the parking for the visitors, Steve Jobs theatre, round outdoor showroom, gym and cafeteria for the visitors.

Damascus Airport road, Damascus suburb, Syria

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Applicant and authors of the project
Nebras Abdulaziz All lahham.
«I studied interior architecture at faculty of the fine art, Damascus university, Syria, and travelled to the United Arab Emirates in 2013 to work there as a graphic & interior design for 7 years. Then I came back to Syria to complete my graduation year at Fine Art faculty.»