Innovation Curve, Phase 2

Best Implemented Project of Public Building or Facility

About the project
Innovation Curve Campus celebrates Silicon Valley’s innovation process. The mid-level blue horizontal ribbon shading element follows the shape of a classic R&D timeline; from creative spark, through trial and tribulation, to welcome success. The highs and lows of an idea within reach form the discreet points of a curve, metaphorically bearing anticipation and anxiety.
For the 276,000 square-foot, LEED Platinum, four-building campus, the innovation diagram is generative of the compound’s urban appearance. Terraces break down the scale of the building along the inner campus to activate the space and glass shading fins create a light crystalline form.
In making the innovation diagram the face of the buildings, users inhabit symbolically a space of innovation. It’s at the building's entry point where the spatial experience reaches its apex. The valley of this innovation vessel gives a magnetic material form to the intoxicating excitement of what is yet to come. Tomorrow is already here.

1050 Pagemill Road, Palo Alto, California, the USA

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Applicant and authors of the project
Form4 Architecture.
Form4 Architecture believes in returning a sense of humanity to Modernism through emotional meaning and poetic design. The San Francisco-based award-winning firm measures success by our contributions to society through a 2nd Century Modernist approach that balances expressive design, rigor, empathy, and sustainability to create captivating buildings and spaces that resonate with people and enhance their lives.
Project by John Marx, Design Principal and James Tefend, Principal/Project Manager at Form4 Architecture. 

Other participants
Sand Hill Property Company (client), Studio 5 Landscape, Luminae Souter (lighting). DCI structural engineers, M-E Engineers, BKF civil engineers, Devcon Construction