International Airport on Barinas

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About the project
After the prisons, the airport terminals are the paradigmatic architectural typologies of the beginning of the century explicitly designed for the surveillance and control of people and goods. In the case of the project for the international terminal in Barinas, the organizing idea of ​​the program is based on an attempt to provide passengers with as many panoptic spaces as possible from where they can visually control the game the architectural device they must pass through, trying to reduce to a minimum the feeling of disorientation and insecurity.The Terminal has an initial surface of about 110,000 m2, has 15 Fingers expandable to 160,000m2 and 30 Fingers for direct shipment. The central volume, which different uses in, has a ceramic surface continuously moistened through an irrigation substructure that allows it to collect the heat generated at the airport at its height and dispose of it through its surface thanks to the transformation of the heat into the energy required.

Barinas, Venezuela

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Applicant and authors of the project
Martin y Leon Arquitectos.
Martín y León Arquitectos was born in 2011 with the purpose of developing an interdisciplinary approach to architecture, design and urbanism beyond its simple conception as a singular work of art and / or “signature” architecture. It is committed to a pragmatic architecture that seeks beauty but stripped of false arguments and that aspires to be in itself in its method philosophy rather than creative process.