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Located in a suburban setting in Bangalore, the property is surrounded by residential and plotted developments. The brief required us to design an integrated educational setup that caters to children of different age groups right from day care to higher secondary level with a wide range of well-equipped facilities including knowledge based and extracurricular activities. The central idea of our design proposal was to redefine educational spaces and create a strong identity for the institution by providing a pleasant experience that would nurture young minds. Our intention was to create a comfortable learning atmosphere by incorporating various elements like natural lighting, wind tunnels, landscaped pockets, interactive terraces and open air courts that would enhance the spatial experience and encourage students to socialize and engage with the outdoor environment.

Bangalore, Karnataka, India

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Crest Architects.
Multi-disciplinary architecture and interior design firm based in Bangalore, founded in 2014 by Ar. Vishwas Venkat and Ar. Vikas M V.
A pragmatic and holistic design practice specializing in various kinds of projects that provides a scope for a wide range of experimentation and exploration in architecture. The firm has ventured into redefining residential design of single and multi-dwelling houses, institutional, commercial and hospitality projects.