Isfahan monitoring center

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The monitoring center (traffic control center) is one of the most vital functions in the field of urban management. It is adjacent to an organic park that has a unique view. The design is positioned to terminate the adjacent site lines. It was considered as the city's eye. A dome that is compatible with the climate at the hillside and has created a stable structure.

Intersection of Hesabi bridge and Shahid Meysami highway, Isfahan, Iran

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Applicant and authors of the project
Polsheer Architects.
Established in 1981 is considered today as one of the leading consulting firms in Iran , providing a wide range of consulting services in field of design and supervision.
Over the past four decades, Polsheer has undertaken the design and supervision of a large number of distinguished building projects, and developed valuable experience in special concepts that enabled the firm to pre-qualify for participation and winning in several local and international competitions.

Architects: Mohammadreza Ghaneei, Ashkan Ghaneei, Mariam Alikhanirad, Milad Hamidi