Jonas Living in Landscape

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About the project

Jonas is an innovative residential building with an integrated landscape design that has achieved two awards for the highest sustainability certificate: Breeam Outstanding.
The project was named Jonas, as a reference to the legend of Jonas and the Whale. It is a sturdy building with a warm heart, an iconic and sustainable living landscape. The spatial concept is based on traditional timber ship construction. A series of trusses arranged in a row form the skeleton. This allows scooping big hollows out of the volume to host a communal and commercial program.
Connecting various spaces like links in a chain creates a magical world in which to live or visit. The landscape folds over and goes through the building where it creates special places and gives them identity. The housing program is incorporated into the ‘skin’ of the building.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Orange Architects is a multidisciplinary firm for architecture, urban design, interiors and outdoor space. Orange formulates attractive and smart answers to complex spatial challenges. We combine a rational attitude with a sensitivity to context, to local culture, and to the future users.
Felixx Landscape Architects and Planners is a Rotterdam based office for proactive landscape architecture. Felixx specializes in addressing urgent global challenges with local embedded design solutions.

Authors and other participants
Jonas is developed by Amvest Real Estate. 190 apartments are for rent and 83 apartments will be privately owned. The mix of apartment types, attracting variety of people, will create a lively community that can benefit from the collective facilities in the building. For the design, Orange Architects and Felixx have been cooperating closely with ABT, responsible for the technical and sustainability aspects of the design. The project is being built by Ballast Nedam West as the main contractor.