Kawsaypac (Life in Quechua)

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About the project
The project configures a space respectful of the place where it is implanted, located at the top of the peninsula north of the island, arises in a triangular shape from the intersection between the three elements that make up the landscape: the Sacred Stone, the Island of the Moon and the north shore of Lake Titicaca. These spaces converge in a central axis, Kawsaypac (Life in Quechua).
Built in concrete, the temple evokes the austerity of the stone of the ruins, constituting a cold, rigid and apparently aggressive shell, whose interior remains warm and fluid, an experimental space configured based on the concept of duality. The play of complementary opposites is explored: light-shadow, interior-exterior and journey-permanence, connecting with the divine from introspection through contemplation.

Isla del Sol, Bolivia

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Applicant and authors of the project
Scinco Arquitectas y Arquitectos
Laboratory of architecture and urbanism made up of 5 architecture students from the Universidad Piloto de Colombia, members of the Student Collective of the Colombian Society of Architects. They have been working in different social projects.
Architects María Camila Montes Sandoval, Nicolás Florez Castañeda, Nicolas Gualdrón Rincón, Liseth Carolina Ramirez Cañón, Paula Tatiana Erazo Patiño.